Friday, 15 November 2013

Samples tribute Nature's! Lilla Muschio

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We could leave you alone in this Friday '? Absolutely not, so here FreeCartGift we found an interesting offer but that it 'applies only to the first 6000 who apply. In fact you can try the free samples of Nature's brand of Bios Line, which produces foam bath and body creams. Read below to see how to get the kit samples free! I remind you that you can refer to other similar offers by clicking here.

richbiederli to click here and fill out the form on the page that opens with the few required data. Receive free samples of Nature's shower gel and body lotion musk and lilac '. The offer and 'valid only for the first 6000, do not bother!

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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Free sample hygiene dental Flix

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Today we offer you a free sample for the cleanliness and hygiene of your teeth. Flix and 'the product that replaces the floss ensuring efficiency and comfort' to use. This is in fact a stick that can work better than traditional floss. It 'produced by the same name Flix company specializing in products for dental hygiene.

You can request a free sample by following the instructions below! To reach the request page click here and fill out the small form that you see, write Italy after the initials of the province. As always we do not know if you send in Italy but try not harmful!

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Monday, 11 November 2013

Free Olio extravergine d'oliva Forestaforte

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Here is an opportunity for those to be seized! as always the freebies in the food industry are the ones that receive the most 'successful yet and among them surely the main product and' extra virgin olive oil. Today you can get a free sample of olive oil Forestaforte, d sotricoe important oil mill of Salento. To get your sample, follow the instructions below and remember, you can see the other giveaways in the food industry by clicking here.

To get the free sample oil Forestaforte click here and enter the required data in the form at the checkout page that opens. The offer and 'valid while stocks last so do not waste time and immediately just ask!

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Monday, 4 November 2013

25 Best valentine's day gift ideas for him and her 2014

This time of year many thoughts are focused on " What can gift this year for Valentine's Day to my boy / girl?? ". Valentine's Day ... and yes, Valentines Day is coming. Valentine's Day! Precisely for this reason today I decided to give a little help to those who does not know what to give in this special event. now I will propose a numbered list of all possible gifts you can give for Valentine's Day include links on where find them. The list was made ​​to assist all a little ... so for everyone and especially for all budgets! right from the start ... Note: Any prices shown are those at the time of writing this article, I am not responsible for changes, in fact I invite you to click on the linked text (blue text) and see directly on the official website. The linked sites are not connected to .

Here are 25 ideas that I have gathered for you:

1 # M & M's CUSTOM

MyM & M's is already very successful in Germany, France, Holland and Belgium. Now he is in Italy! The M & M's chocolate are the lenses of various colors, and now you can customize writing what more do you want! Give it a try ... Create your MyM & M's!


What's better than doing shine heart and eyes of your beloved at the sight of a fantastic Swarovski pendant? Here are a few here:
Pendant with a silhouette of the heart (€ 70)
Pendant in the shape of heart on pink cord ( € 43   € 21.50 )
Double pendant in the shape of starfish (€ 100)
Pendant with two concentric circles covered with Swarovski Crystal (€ 100)
Heart-shaped pendant (€ 75)
Farfallo shaped pendant with crystal gold (€ 105)
Mini heart with butterfly (€ 60)
Lock and key pendant with Swarovski ( € 60   € 30 )
There would hundreds ... but I can not stop to write them all ... if you are interested in seeing other pendants visit

# 3 PLUSH Trudi

A soft plush toy would be perfect to soften your girl! Here are a few taken from the site trudi .
Bear in brown fur 18.0cm (€ 28)
Caterpillar trudi 55.0cm (€ 46)
Trudi 22.0cm sweet poodle with pink bows on the ears (€ 28)
Andrew Dachshund brown 20.0cm (€ 28)
Pompey kitten black and white color 21.0cm (€ 28)
Bunny 19.0cm (€ 28)
Mickey Gennaro gray 28.0cm (€ 54)
To see other I invite you always to consult the trudi Shop .


You could give her favorite perfume, or even a scent that appeals to you (but you might also like to those who give away).


Take a trip together! This could be the best gift that you could do to him or her. Here are some sites flights and travel / vacation where you could save some pennies:
eDreams : Cheap Flights, last minute, travel, hotels and cruises.
HotelsClick : Hotel Reservations, cruises and vacation packages.
Lastminute : last minute Offers Travel, Flights, Hotels, Travel, Vacations, Car Rental
Meridiana : Flights and Holidays ( code 10 € discount for Valentine's Day " 10sanvalentino ")
Bravofly : With Bravofly you can find all the cheap flights with a search.
Alitalia : Note National Airline.
Expedia : Travel, hotel booking: flights and hotels, car rental, rentals ...


A nice navigation system could use to those who are always on the go, the following models are only a very small part of what you might find around the shops or places of e-commerce:
Garmin Nuvi 510 Italy: (€ 182.96 + 7.49)
Mio Moov M405 Europe : best price on Amazon Marketplace (€ 137.90 +9.90) also you can find it here with € 1.20 extra.
Other browsers you can find them online at: Ebay , Amazon Marketplace


This gift is suitable for those who are married or live together. In addition to a gift for your partner could also be a great auto gift! :) Plus it should be noted that until February 7 the first 4 months are half price.


Oils Almond, Olive and Pink Mosquesta. I put this gift idea for anyone who has a girlfriend passionate or "obsessed" (depending on your point of view) with the care and well-being of the body. E 'to say that there is a discount of 40% on this article ... so enjoy.


The clothes are almost always well accepted by women if done well, but with this I am not excluding that can not be given as gifts to men. Following are some e-commerce sites for clothing: - Bonprix - Guess - Privalia - sport Solaris - Solaris Sport Outlet - Oliviero - Private Outlet - The Gigastores - YOOX


Mini TFT LCD TV from 5. "Screen format 4:3. With 255 programs memory. Useful for those who are always traveling.

# 11 NETBOOK / EeePC

This mini PC is a really nice Valentine's Day gift in my opinion, I show you at a glance features: 
Netbook with Intel Atom N450 CPU, LCD 10.2 ", 1 Gb Ram, 250 GB HD, Webcam, Card reader, WiFi. 6-cell battery. OS Windows 7 Starter. 
I did a little research on prices and these are the lowest I've found: 
Amazon Marketplace - € 296.90 + € 9.90 (shipping) = € 306.80
Amazon Marketplace - € 308.00 FREE shipping
Other mini PC you can find them on Ebay, Amazon Marketplace 


Mobile phones, PDAs and smart phones, there are thousands of them. On this I can not make a list ... never finish! so I can only offer some online sites that offer the chance to buy them from the comfort of home ... these are:  Amazon Marketplace -  Amazon Marketplace - Ebay


The most classic gifts ... a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Do you know the language of flowers?


There are people who do not like chocolate? I think they are very few in the world! Why not use the box of chocolates to insert in the end even a photo of yourself? As will eat them discover that underneath there's a picture of you two ...



16 # A PUPPY

Before you give a puppy be sure you will have the time to take care of him to give him all the attention he should have ... and remember that the puppy grows .


This gift however small it may truly immense catalog has a value ... as well as the satisfaction of having done so (if it does) there is also a surprise to receive a thing done with the hands of the person you love, and you are aware that if he did he did with the heart.


Or even a personalized mug with your picture would be a nice thought ... if you do not know where you can watch it here there is a 50% discount just for Valentine's Day!


Even a personalized shirt would be good to remember a special moment spent together ... Here a discount of 50% on Women's T-Shirt .


Make your unforgettable moments, a photoalbum with your photo on the cover is the best way to cherish your memories and make them precious! Here there is a 50% discount on customizing Flip Books, Photo Books and Tote Bags.


An original gift for original types! Give a mouse pad with your pictures ... and you will always be by your side! : D 
At this time of VistaPrint  you can do print your customized mouse pad at the cost normally only € 3.99 to € 7.99.


If you have a sporty boy who plays football and you could give him a complete football with his name, or the football boots or soccer ball, a football or a pair of gloves with your initials ...

23 # A BOOK


There are thousands of cameras on the market ... that I can do is tell you some of the many sites on which to find them ... including: Ebay - Amazon Marketplace -  Amazon Marketplace


Same thing goes for portable cameras ... you can find them on , Amazon Marketplace , Amazon Marketplace ,and Sony Style

Always include a nice note to your gift! Will do more writing what effect suggests the heart. Who can write the other ideas in the comments, so that we can help those in need on the subject. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

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Friday, 18 October 2013

Free stickers Alpinestars

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It was a bit 'that there happened an opportunity to request, and receive, adhesives for free! Today, finally, we have found for you a chance 'that comes from Alpinestars historic Italian company that produces technical articles for spot extremes, motorcycling and motoring. 

A merged with the logo of a star and you know it certainly seems hard to believe that company has already '50 years of history behind it. Today you can apply for the free stickers by following the instructions below! To get your free adhesive click here and open 'the page with the form to complete with your shipping information to receive free stickers Alpinestars. 

As usual, once a request is made ​​there is that expect to receive your gift directly in your mailbox! I remind you that you can see the other offers for adhesives tribute by clicking here.

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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Comme des Garcones sample free perfume Blue Cedrat

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Just yesterday we told you about Comme des Garcones and the new fragrance Blue Encense of which you can have a sample free of charge. Being that Blue Encense is part of a new range of fragrances of the house Comme des Garcones today we present the second fragrance of the series: Blue Cedrat. Obviously this can have a free sample you just follow the instructions below! 

The procedure is' the same relation to the draft yesterday so please click here and you will come to the page dedicated to the request of Blue Cedrat where you will find the form to fill out with your shipping information! If you wish to request further samples of perfumes as a gift click here to see the proposals that we have been doing lately!

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Friday, 20 September 2013

[2013] Ideas Gift to make for boyfriend

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Look for tips and gift ideas for your boyfriend? You don't know what to give them? You have run out of ideas? Here, for you, a series of gift ideas for your boyfriend!

First of all, as for all the presents, you have to keep in mind the taste and character of the recipient. You can choose to make a gift that speaks of your story or something that can be useful, a gift just for him.

A sweet and romantic gift would make him a calendar with photos of your history. This would make a nice gift for Christmas or for an anniversary! You can choose to do it with a single photo and the calendar grid below or do so with more images, one for each month or a collage of multiple photos. This gift idea can become even less "personal" If you give a timetable, for example, with images of his favorite painter.

Another romantic gift idea is to give him a wellness program . We'll have a time for you to relax for a drink!

Classic gift ideas but always welcome, for a guy I'm a portfolio (eye to superstitions: remember to put a dime in), a belt, a Keyring, a sweater or a pajamas, a full mesh underwear and boxer shorts (for Christmas we can give him a cute Christmas boxer) or the classic set for a beard.

For those with a higher budget, there are many gifts: a cellphone, a camera, an iPod, a tablet, a suitcase or a travel set. You are on the safe side if you are buying a gift that is linked to one of his hobbies!

He recently bought the car or care as if it were a child? Well! You can orientate yourself towards objects for car mats, seat covers,: cover driving, mobile phone car charger or a stereo.

Has a motorcycle and is a fan? Give Motorcycle Accessories: motorcycle jacket, a helmet, gloves and accessories for cleaning and care of his gem!

Love reading? A nice book or a reader's kit will make happy! Or even a gift card (a good) to spend on a library!

It's a sport? You have wide choice! In relation to the sport that you can practice your crazy! If she loves running, a heart rate monitor, if you have space at home and loves doing body building you can give him the weights or a bench, if you love fitness a step, if it is a Karate kimono, or simply you can generally give away clothing for sport.

She loves music and is a musician? You can give him some accessories for his passion, se canta a microphone, if it sounds an amplifier, speakers, a guitar, a bass. In this case, however, if you are not an expert in the field, won't throw headlong, try to be on the safe side! If you know that he loves the guitar, then ok, otherwise look towards a good to do, then, to spend in the store.

Other original gifts and "personal" are: a tie, if the usa in his clothing or for work, steel or rubber bracelets, a subscription to his favorite magazine or a quarterly subscription to his gym!

Do not forget to accompany your gift with a note with a phrase that is!

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