Thursday, 25 July 2013

Become tester products Sony Free (laptops, tablets, mp3)

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Another chance 'today to become tester products! after a couple of days ago we reported the possibility 'offered by Kerastase today radically change the type of product and we arrive at the technology and electronics thanks to Sony. You can in fact become a tester for Sony Italy, and trialling laptops, tablets, mp3 players and many other things, by following the instructions below. 

To submit your application must be accompanied by a facebook account! To submit your application please click here and you will come to the Facebook page specially created by Sony Italy to gather nominations. Click Like us and then fill in the form with your references. 

Pay attention to the window where you write 'cause they should choose you then use a little' imagination and ingenuity to make sure that you choose own! I remind you that you can see the other opportunities' to become a tester of products by clicking here.