Tuesday, 6 August 2013

26 Best DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

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26 Best DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas
Here are a few DIY gift ideas for Father's Day . All suitable gifts to be given on the day of her party. Choose the one that suits you and enjoy the gift to make with your hands you'll see how the father will be happy to receive it on March 19th!

 Greeting card-shaped mobile 
 Greeting card with Bookmark 
 Greeting photography or drawing 
 Cookies for Dad 
 cottage with windows 
 Crown by King 
 Tie with the nursery rhyme 
 Tie to wear 
 me out! 
 diploma Dad World's Best 
 World's diploma Best Daddy 
 Paperweight with stones 
 Vest Decorative bottle 
 on a page My Dad    
 Survival Kit for Dad 
 Ballpoint Pen decorated 
 Poems in frame 
 Port handkerchiefs
 photo holder 
 Newspaper holders 
 Pen colored 
 soap with mint 
 Bookmark for Father's Day 
 Desk Set 

 Empty pockets

Congratulations Dad!


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