Sunday, 4 August 2013

Best Ideas Gift for men 2013

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Gift for man wanted
"There is a crisis everywhere. Everywhere there is a crisis, "he sang Bugo. Every day we spiattellano in all the sauces TV, newspapers, radio and blogs. If the economic crisis we add the personal crises of everyday life, the exhaustion is right there, you pat on the shoulder with his mocking smile.
What are we talking about? Think about the most annoying thing that comes to your mind ... and multiply it by three. You just got the formula of the most unpleasant situation in which you might find yourself: look for the perfect gift for your man.

What is your father, your best friend, your brother or your partner, it is always the same story. There is no woman on earth who has not been found at least once in front of one of the biggest dilemmas of its existence. Because if there's one thing even more annoying to look for the most appropriate gift to him, is now inflated comment all male "Cute!", Or "Oh my god what's this? Wait, before you slam into rages and I ask all my shortcomings, I'd better hide my disappointment as best I can. "
 A perfect gift for imperfect man
Before you accuse him of being insensitive and superficial, try to think: what if maybe that gift, said in a diplomatic way, is not the right one??
The golden rule for all women who are going to this endeavor is simple: that man is?

The technological man
Spread particularly in the last decade, this peculiar species of homo tecnologicus seems like especially anything that has to do with bytes, pixels, HD, 3D graphics. Agendas electronics , keys USB custom player mp4 seem to be its favorite prey . If you're feeling particularly romantic, opt for a frame digital in which to put all your shots.

The sportsman
We include in this category also all those who define themselves as such even comfortably sprawled face a big challenge of curling. What do you think of the price of grandstand tickets of his team or the latest model of indoor soccer shoes ? Or a bag for the gym. And if you have a true next Messner, why not choose one of the cases for extreme sports ? You will cry all her love for over a thousand meters of altitude!

The metrosexual man
Likes to shave and slather on creams (often making you feel less feminine than him) and mirrored on any reflective surface? Fine. Certainly appreciate the latest innovation in the field of anti-aging products or in a good-service health spa for an afternoon dedicated to the care of his body. Already perfect, mind you!

The intellectual man
The CD of the more niche that has ever existed in the history of music? The book of the writer most nonconformist? A ticket to go to the theater to see the latest revision of '"Aida"? What do you say? However, if you do not know her tastes, do make him a good and loot.

The classic man
Needless to spend time and then struggle to immeasurably if yours is a simple man, old school, which is still a fantastic tie blue silk with gray stripes. Thrown out of pajamas, bathrobes , twins , the electric razor or a nice fountain pen . Do not forget also the work bag or a nice leather agenda, alternatively, choose a wallet in leather , black or dark brown. A nice "Cute!" Do not you remove anyone!